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Listening to a Mexican Love Song on the Radio
Kathy Dahms Rogers

Listening to a Mexican love song
on the radio brings the taste of salt
on corn chips and the feel of sand
beneath my feet as I sit at a table
waiting for my fish
          frito entero con limón
I can understand only a few lyrics
usually the last words of each line
          el corazón, mi corazón
but I know what's going on here
          mi vida, mi cariño
I can tell he is in agony
over his unrequited love
By her cooing sounds I know
she is young and beautiful
          ven aquí y bésame
He is tearing out his heart
in love-sick frustration
I hit the steering wheel
Why doesn't she
put him out of his misery
and love him back!
Can't she tell
that this is killing him?
          lágrimas, tristezas
Well, I can tell
not by the words but by the melody
his beautiful breaking voice
the sounds of the guitar strings
accordion and drum
          mi alma, mi amor
Music needs no translation
© by Kathy Dahms Rogers.
Used with the author’s permission.

Kathy Dahms Rogers was born in Iowa but now lives in Long Beach, California. She loves to travel with her husband, Jack (they are, in fact, on a road trip as you read this!) and calls herself an "accidental poet" because she began writing poetry only after she ended up in Donna Hilbert’s poetry workshop instead of the memoir/travel writing workshop she signed up for! More than a decade later, Kathy continues to attend Donna’s workshops, and her poems have been published in Pearl, a literary publication, and Voices, an anthology.

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barbara eknoian:
Wonderful poem filled with the five senses. A true romantic.
Posted 07/23/2014 10:08 AM
That's it! We're going to Mexico to eat whole fish on the beach, drink tequila and remember. Carlitos
Posted 10/22/2012 07:44 AM
Beautiful poem!
Posted 10/20/2012 09:10 AM
I don't know Spanish, but I got this poem. I agree that music needs no translation! Nice job.
Posted 10/20/2012 07:04 AM

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