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Linda Eve Diamond

Today the morning news flies by, 
the news and all the gossip too.
It twitters through the maple trees 
and flitters gently on the breeze.
I follow these twitters and tweets
their simple songs so bright and sweet, 
these bards of feather sing their tweets 
tweet twitter tweet twitter tweet tweep.
They have, we hear, their own bird-speak 
and rhythmic ways of tapping beaks. 
They have the morning worm reports, 
the weather and traffic, too, of course...
A feed about the birds and bees, 
the best vacation spots and trees,
a feed on local feeding stops
and where to find the richest crops.
They sing the songs of everything 
or nothing, as they love to sing,
and through it all are mating calls— 
the oldest twitter feed of all.
They sing of love and tweet the blues; 
they warn and share important news. 
From here under the rustling leaves,
it all sounds beautiful to me.
I’ve silenced my own calls and beeps, 
alerts and tweets, to hear the tweeps 
of birds, the natural twitter tweets 
tweet twitter tweet twitter tweet tweep.
These calls need no reply from me 
nor do the breeze or buzzing bees. 
What beautiful simplicity—
a time to just breathe, pure and free.
Once upon a time there was time 
to listen to the morning tweets,
to send a dream out on the breeze, 
run free without a beeping leash.
Yes, I quietly unplugged myself 
without a post or warning tweet, 
just walked alone without a phone 
and sat beneath a tree—just me...
...and my heart—my heart is flying... 
with the twittering songbird’s tweet.
From The Beauty of Listening (Aventine Press, 2013)
Used with the author's permission. 



Linda Eve Diamond has published books in multiple genres including poetry, self-help, business, and education. Her latest is The Beauty of Listening, a listening-themed poetry book. Learn more about Linda, who lives in Hollywood, Florida, at




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Love it!
Posted 05/14/2014 05:23 AM
What a lovely reflection. Thank you Tweep!
Posted 05/13/2014 11:58 PM

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