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You Are My GPS
Linda Radice

If I fell into Robert Frost’s poem,
it wouldn’t matter which road I took,
I’d get lost anyway. 
I would call you to confess that
I’d daydreamed past street signs,
forgot to count the stop lights, and
now the road is as unfamiliar to me
as the poetry at my destination is to you.
You’d ask what I see out the window,
then tell me to go up two blocks, or turn
around and go back six where there will
be a red brick church across from a diner
at the intersection that will take me where
I need to go. You always know exactly
where I am Mission Control to this
perpetually off-course satellite who
will return to find you asleep in the light
of the muted TV, the cat curled on your
chest, his head at your chin, your
hand on the phone beside you
waiting to talk me home.

This poem first appeared in Exit 13 Magazine.
Copyright by Linda Radice 2007.
Used with the author’s permission.





Linda Radice (1952 - 2017) was a poet and essayist, who kept her day job--she was a paralegal for more than 30 years--to feed her obsession with books and writing. Her work appeared in many literary journals and anthologies, and she was a finalist for the Allen Ginsberg Award for three consecutive years. Linda lived in North Plainfield, New Jersey, the town she grew up in, with her husband and a cat named Shakespeare.



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Wilda Morris:
Catching up with poems I missed while out of town. I love this one!
Posted 01/20/2015 09:11 AM
I get my poems at daybreak - I live in Devon. Uk. This was a lovely start to my wet and windy day.
Posted 01/19/2015 12:55 AM
A delightful love story. I love the poem.
Posted 01/18/2015 04:59 PM
I agree with all the posts. Loved the picture of the cat sleeping on the chest.
Posted 01/18/2015 02:23 PM
nice - I also am direction-challenged
Posted 01/18/2015 11:48 AM
Love this! If I could write the perfect love poem to my husband, this would be it. It's going in his lunchbox tomorrow:>)
Posted 01/18/2015 09:40 AM
A very taught, modern love poem--thanks!
Posted 01/18/2015 09:18 AM
i enjoyed the connection with Frost.
Posted 01/18/2015 08:27 AM
Love the first three lines of this poem, and the whole story. I'm one of the people who has an inner GPS, but I have friends who have no idea where they are. Very satisfying poem.
Posted 01/17/2015 11:12 PM

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