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Kites Before the Wind
James Rogerson


A gathering of many colors
on the end of taut cotton strings,
a multicolored randomness of kites.
Seeming unruly with no seen order,
each with its own message and apparently intent
on making its way by any meanness
and self-centered maneuvering,
deviously defeats
every wind-blown challenge.                                                           

Winged acrobats perform
death-defying stunts. Some are blown into
frightening tail spins and even crashes.
Others, diving melodramatically
with sporadic upward climbs, escape
into cloud-hemmed, azure heights.

Then the sun seems to gild
and highlight the crimson,
gold, peach, and even black
and white papers anchored
on slender wooden crosses.
The kites are held in, what before
seemed to be a scattering,
but now is seen as
a structure for a lifetime.

Each, in his own way,
moving with skill and care,
working with the wind,
challenging the unseen billows,
not fighting the more powerful swells,
using his force and strength
to rise like a kite before the wind.


© by James Rogerson.
Used with the author’s permission.


Jim Rogerson calls himself a "proud liberal redneck," a title earned from an upbringing in a small North Carolina town followed by an education at the University of Chicago. After a career as an archivist and records manager for the University of North Carolina, Jim is now retired and living in Charlotte, where he enjoys writing historical works, creative non-fiction, study guides, manuals for archives and records management, and poetry--the topics of which know no bounds.


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Nicely done. Thank you.
Posted 07/04/2018 08:20 AM
Good poem to start my day. Will be on my mind as I walk now.
Posted 06/04/2018 11:51 AM
Beautiful--and thought-provoking! Jancan
Posted 06/04/2018 08:59 AM
fantastic analogy and poem!
Posted 06/04/2018 06:57 AM
I see these wonderful kites over the ocean nearly every day. Your lovely lively poem puts it all perfectly. They are a joy to watch. Your poem was a joy to read.g
Posted 06/04/2018 02:14 AM

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