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Jana Kalina


The leaves are leaving.
It's their time —

detaching without fuss,
just a fabulous flirtation with freedom —

dancing all the way down
charmed by autumn's sounds:

a fabulous, flying, floating free fall,
all too fleeting.

lying in wait
to leave no trace
of ever having been:

no questions
no regrets
no sorrows.

© by Jana Kalina.
Used here with the author’s permission

Jana Kalina lives with her husband on Vancouver Island, on the west coast of Turtle Island in British Columbia. A nature lover since toddlerhood, she's had the privilege of living on three very different continents thus far, enjoying the fact that each has its own unique geography, history, flora, and fauna. Says Jana, "When all else fails, nature's restorative embrace and expansiveness are my solace and joy. And poetry? Simply icing on the cake!"


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Detaching without fuss, a fabulous flirtation with freedom. Acceptance. Very interesting view.
Posted 10/21/2021 02:32 PM
quite a potent poem... wonderfully concise. brava
Posted 10/21/2021 02:08 AM
Janet Leahy:
The title, Acceptance, says it all, and the line," It is their time" and "with no fuss" we can learn from seasonal changes. This is a beautiful poem.
Posted 10/20/2021 10:41 AM
Lori Levy:
Love the idea of the leaves detaching without fuss.
Posted 10/20/2021 10:40 AM
Stays on point. Wonderful.
Posted 10/20/2021 09:59 AM
michael escoubas:
This is one of the better examples of alliteration I've seen in awhile . . . great writing, Jana!
Posted 10/20/2021 09:10 AM
I love the alliteration.
Posted 10/20/2021 08:49 AM
Larry Schug:
As I watch leaves fall from a hack berry tree in my yard, this poem leads me to ponder last year's fallen leaves. Are they still here, but in a different form? Does anything really disappear or just become something else? I like where these words have taken me.
Posted 10/20/2021 08:32 AM
A perfect title.
Posted 10/20/2021 05:45 AM

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