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Squirrel World
Tamara Madison


One could do worse
Than to be a squirrel in this park
Where each tree is a sovereign country
And the ground between tree continents
A freeway of grass and dirt.
Each of these trees
A navigable land of plenty;
A squirrel can leap from the top of one
To a thin twig at the tip of another
With no fear of falling. Sure,
There are hawks to contend with,
And owls. But we
Have cancer, Covid-19,
A myriad of ills, and each other.
Worst of all, each other.

This poem first appeared in Red Eft Review.
Used here with permission.


Tamara Madison is a swimmer, dog lover, grandmother, and retired teacher of English and French. She is a native of the California desert, and the author of two chapbooks of poetry and three full-length manuscripts--Morpheus Dips His Oar being the latest. Learn more about Tamara at



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Very visual. Delightful. Loved it.
Posted 01/25/2022 04:24 AM
I enjoy our neighborhood squirrelsthey're quite entertaining! They're still trying to figure out how to defeat the bird feeder that locks against them, even though they have their own feeder that's easy to reach. They seem to enjoy the play/challenge of it!
Posted 01/23/2022 03:34 PM
And the ground between tree continents A freeway ... I will think of these lines when I look out at my squirrelly yard.
Posted 01/21/2022 01:07 PM
Love this, envy those squirrels sometimes.
Posted 01/21/2022 12:42 PM
Janet Leahy:
Yes the challenge sometimes is "each other."
Posted 01/21/2022 11:31 AM
And also best of all, each other.
Posted 01/21/2022 10:09 AM
Great poem, Tamara. Your first line reminded me of Frosts Birches. A great ode to these little birdseed thieves.
Posted 01/21/2022 10:09 AM
Jgonzalez 1994:
Great job, I love that last line we have each other to contend with, each other.
Posted 01/21/2022 09:28 AM
Well done, Tamara! I used to hate these little vixens; your poem helps; So does the excellent resource provided by Jayne. I was totally unaware . . . many thanks.
Posted 01/21/2022 09:00 AM
Lori Levy:
My grandchildren love squirrels and are always feeding them.
Posted 01/21/2022 05:16 AM

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