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William Henry Dawson


I just take a bamboo pole,
Linen line and Limerick hook,
Make a sneak for some deep hole
In the creek, in shady nook.
Seat myself upon a stone,
Bait my hook and throw it in,
Sit there, quietly, alone,
And wait to see the fun begin.
First a nibble, then a take,
Then my float goes out of sight,
Then a sudden swing I make—
Got him? Well, you're mighty right.
Bass, by jingo! Weighs four pounds;
Won't I have a toothsome fry?
String him on this rope, by zounds!
Make him safe or I'll know why.
Once again my hook I bait,
Once again I cast my line,
Seat myself and watch and wait.
Catching bass. Oh, gee! it's fine.
Soon the float begins to sail,
Then it makes a sudden dive;
Holy smoke! I've hooked a whale,
Just as sure as I'm alive.
Pull, you sucker! Bet I'll make—
Stop! You'll surely break the pole.
Splash! and suddenly I wake,
Up to neck in swimming hole.

This poem is in the public domain.

William Henry Dawson (1853 or 1865 -1928) was an American poet who authored at least two books. Despite extensive research, we have been unable to locate an image or any biographical details, other than a statement in Sunshine of Hope and Other Poems which suggests that proceeds from the sale of that book were donated to the Modern Woodmen Sanatorium in Colorado Springs, Colorado, to aid in tuberculosis research.




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What a delightful, enthusiastic, skillfully written piece!
Posted 06/29/2023 11:26 PM
Today we call floats bobbers.
Posted 06/29/2023 10:18 AM
Oh I love this! I always loved fishing but never have wanted to eat the fish I caught? Love the ending of this poem!
Posted 06/29/2023 08:43 AM
Darrell Arnold:
I once had to find a way to fish where trout were numerous, but I had no gear. But a willow pole, a hair from a horse's tail, a borrowed safety pin from a fellow trail rider, and a plethora of small, red-legged grasshoppers in the stream-side grass all made fishing possible and productive. I was able to catch enough fish for all the riders to have trout for supper. It's one of my favorite memories.
Posted 06/29/2023 08:16 AM
Joan Luther:
What a fun turn it takes!
Posted 06/29/2023 07:52 AM

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