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Bird’s Nest in the Snow
Nancy Machlis Rechtman


As my boots crunch through the hard snow,
Each step sounding like I’m chomping on potato chips,
(And now I am hungry)
I notice something peeking out through the icy surface
That doesn’t seem to belong in the frozen landscape,
Yet it’s calling out, “Look at me!”

I bend down, knees creaking, push the snow away and realize it’s a nest,
Although its inhabitants are long gone.
I pick it up and turn it around in my hands like I’m molding clay on a potter’s wheel,
Admiring the perfect construction
And the wonder of nature’s ability
To teach birds to build nests,
And spiders to build intricate webs,
And all creatures to innately know
What it takes to survive
Without having to read a book of instructions.

I walk over to the large maple in the corner of the yard
And gently place the nest
In the V of two branches of the tree.
While the cold has caused me to already long for spring,
Now the feeling is more pressing
As I resolve to check on the nest daily, once the season of icy precipitation is over,
So I can watch a new family move in
Or maybe it will be the former one,
And I will smile
As the warmth and thoughts of new life revive me.

© by Nancy Machlis Rechtman.
Used with the author’s permission.


Nancy Machlis Rechtman is a poet, playwright, freelance writer, and former newspaper copy editor. Her work has been published in a variety of journals, and she writes a  blog called "Inanities." Nancy has lived on both coasts, but currently makes her home in South Carolina, where she enjoys reading, gardening, cooking, creating art, and playing the guitar. Learn more about her at



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A lovely, descriptive, expressive piece!
Posted 12/27/2023 06:37 PM
What an unexpected find on a winter walk! You describe it so well, Nancythank you!
Posted 12/27/2023 06:10 PM
Lori Levy:
Love the contrast between the nest (and the hope it embodies) and the "frozen landscape."
Posted 12/27/2023 03:46 PM
"knees creaking" shouts.
Posted 12/27/2023 09:30 AM

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