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The Cowboy, the Cook and the Horse
Leslie Hodge


He raises both hands
and tips back his hat –
a round, sweat-stained halo
that circles his head –
and his elbows thus raised
look like angel wings,
although of the sharp
and pointy shape.
He busts out his chest
‘til his buttons, they snap
open, revealing
the red underwear
favored by cowboys
at home on the range.
Then he flings his leg over
the pommel and leaps
off like a trout
with an eye on the fly,
lands hard on his heels,
his spurs all a-jingle,
and walks in a cloud
of dust raised from his chaps,
while his eyes roam the ridge
where the buffalo roam.
Now his horse can be hateful,
and given to biting
and bucking him off
on no provocation.
But he loves her and gives her
sugar and apples
he begs and he barters
for with the cook,
who seldom would speak
a discouraging word.
Cookie never lets on
he’s happy to help him –
for what good is a cowboy
without a good horse?

© by Leslie Hodge.
Used here with the author’s permission.

Leslie Hodge lives in San Diego, California. She graduated with a degree in English and Creative Writing, then spent four decades working in HR and IT management. After retiring, Leslie had the opportunity to attend the National Cowboy Poetry Gathering in Elko, Nevada, where she was inspired to begin writing poetry. Since then, Leslie has taken classes, co-founded a Poetry Salon, and experimented with a wide variety of poetic forms and topics. Learn more about Leslie at



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Wilda Morris:
I like the way Leslie weaves words from the song into her very original poem.
Posted 01/20/2024 10:45 AM
Entertaining, charming poem--made me smile
Posted 01/15/2024 10:54 PM
A good horse is a great gift! And I echo ROnPoems' comment!
Posted 01/15/2024 02:03 PM
I cant say it any better than RonPoems comment below!!
Posted 01/15/2024 01:41 PM
Lori Levy:
Great details. I can see the scene clearly.
Posted 01/15/2024 12:45 PM
LOL RonRoems comment - I agreed wholeheartedly.
Posted 01/15/2024 12:16 PM
Oh give me a home with a Leslie Hodge poem, and my skies shant be cloudy all day.
Posted 01/15/2024 10:26 AM
I Iove how you interspersed those lovely & familiar song lyrics. So much fun!
Posted 01/15/2024 09:09 AM
michael escoubas:
I feel as if I am astride the horse and the horse is at a canter. No accident, Leslie, I'm sure. So well done.
Posted 01/15/2024 08:55 AM
Stephen Anderson:
I love this fun poem, Leslie!
Posted 01/15/2024 08:22 AM

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