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Terry Nash


Never thought I’d ever twitter
Nor considered that I’d tweet.
I’ve kept my hashtags to myself
And my sentences complete.

I used to think that Facebook
Just happened when in bed
And you’d drifted off mid-paragraph
And yer novel hit yer head.

But now I have this smart phone
With touch screen and some apps,
And I’m feelin’ sorta trendy
And I figure, just perhaps,

I’ll polish up my ‘tech’-nique;
Succumb to the latest hype,
Clean my hat, brush my ‘stache
And call someone and Skype!

I figured just this mornin’
I’d be sure to catch Ol’ Claude.
When he sees my grinnin’ face
There’s no doubt that he’ll be awed!

So, I called a little early
To catch him still at home . . .
Hadn’t ever see him hatless,
But the glare off his ol’ dome

Plumb blinded me at first!
And when he started into talkin’
He hadn’t stuck his teeth in yet;
It was sorta like he’s squawkin’!

Claude didn’t know we’s skypin’ —
Held the phone up just to listen
And I swear I see’d plumb through him
Confirmin’ my suspicion;

Some cowboys got dang little
‘Twixt their left ear and their right.
Next time I skype ol’ Claude,
It’ll be in dark of night!

From Four Aces and a Queen.
Also featured on  the CD, A Good Ride.
Used here with the author’s permission.


Terry Nash raises cattle in Western Colorado. His tales of the West are those not seen from the highway or rodeo bleachers. Terry lives the life he writes about and shares the details of that life in his poetry and songs, which have earned him International Western Music Association awards including the 2018 Male Poet of the year, 2018 Cowboy Poetry CD of the year, and a 2021 “Special Achievement” award. Learn more about him at



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Wilda Morris:
A good laugh! Well done, Terry!
Posted 04/19/2024 08:36 AM
Very cute. Randy Mazie
Posted 04/16/2024 06:55 PM
Laughed out loud at every turn! From new definitions to skyping Claude it was a blast to read. Fun fact storytelling poem, my favorite! Thank you Terry.
Posted 04/16/2024 05:30 PM
Sharon Waller Knutson:
Loved this entertaining, witty wise poem about how tehnology sneaked up on us old folks. We skyped our granddaughter's wedding but turned off our side of the camera because I didn't recognize the old skyper lady.LOL
Posted 04/16/2024 03:19 PM
Lori Levy:
Posted 04/16/2024 12:44 PM
Larry Schug:
Ain't learned how to do all that techno stuff. But I know a good poem when I see one. This is a good one!
Posted 04/16/2024 12:22 PM
michael escoubas:
This is precious!! Thank you, Terry.
Posted 04/16/2024 08:48 AM
You made me smile. Thanks
Posted 04/16/2024 08:36 AM
Darrell Arnold:
I'm laffin', Terry, ol' pard. I'd forgotten Jayne had this one. What a treat it is to see it pop up here, today! This past year, I too have learned, under the force of others, about Skyping and recording and transmitting audio --all things I had no idea my computer even knew how to do. It still knows how to do them, I think, but I've already forgotten. I'm hopin' I won't need them, again. Ugh!
Posted 04/16/2024 08:15 AM
How a love a swingin rhyme and a good story💕This one does it all!! And adds a good chuckle to the mix thank you Terry
Posted 04/16/2024 08:10 AM

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