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Morning Side of Midday
Michael Jones


I tend to stay in bed Ďtil late,
Gone are the days I was up at eight.
Nowadays itís more like eleven.
Those extra hours are just like heaven.

Itís such a pleasure, just lying there,
Calm and peaceful without a care.
relax and enjoy and savour the feeling,
nothing to do but look at the ceiling.

Some people say itís just being lazy.
But if you think that, youíre just being crazy.
And I donít care what those people say,
Itís still the morning side of midday.

© by Michael Jones.
Used here with the authorís permission.

Michael Jones lives in Leighton Buzzard, England. He originally focused on writing song lyrics, but has turned to poetry in recent years. Retired after a diverse career in sales and marketing, Mikeís latest hobby is learning to play the ukulele.

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haha I quite agree
Posted 04/21/2024 03:04 AM
An excellent summary of the joys of sleeping in! I accidentally overslept today, and do not regret a minute of it!
Posted 04/19/2024 02:30 PM
This presents a more positive view of staying in bed than Im used to, so stretches my mind.
Posted 04/19/2024 01:08 PM
Lori Levy:
"Calm and peaceful without a care." Great not having to wake up to an alarm clock.
Posted 04/19/2024 12:37 PM
Zzzz - sounds heavenly Michael. Thanks for your delightfully charming and altogether fun composition. Sweet dreams...
Posted 04/19/2024 11:29 AM
Shoshauna Shy:
So lovely to have the luxury of listening to your body, and being able to take your leisure without "shoulds" dictating your life. Kudos!
Posted 04/19/2024 10:14 AM
Amen, Michael! Charming, expressive poem
Posted 04/19/2024 09:51 AM
Everyone should treat themselves to a sleep-in from time to time. I like Sundays.
Posted 04/19/2024 09:20 AM
Darrell Arnold:
Michael's world is pure fantasy to me. If you've grown up with livestock, as I have, there is no such thing as "sleeping in."Cows need to be milked and all the other critters need to be fed. My alarm clock is in my head. It rings at 5 a.m. I no longer have livestock, except for rabbits and chickens, so the work is much lighter. Besides all of that, though, there is the calmness and beauty of being outdoors at dawn, an hour or two before the hustle and bustle of life take over the planet. Getting up early can be hard, but being up early is almost always rewarding.
Posted 04/19/2024 08:31 AM
I would love to sleep to 8, but my head says that's too late.// So I'm up at 6:30, ready to work and get myself dirty.// Retirement, ha, at 73, sleeping in is not 4 me.// But thanks 4 your poem, it really inspired// and now I've responded and now I am tired.// Randy Mazie
Posted 04/19/2024 08:29 AM
Larry Schug:
I'm a long way from what's described in this poem, but I will admit I sometimes stay in bed until six. perfect little poem.
Posted 04/19/2024 08:14 AM

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