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Carpe Diem - Seize the Day
Patricia Williams


I want to run away and be a Las Vegas showgirl ? the
glamor, the fun and excitement ?  that’s an enticement ?
what would my in-laws, the book club, the church-ladies say?
Carpe diem
 - seize the day.   

I’d hire a maid ? flee the cleaning ?  treat my skin with
French-milled soap, no more harsh detergent ? then there’s
the kids ? that’s urgent?   but I’ll let those matters lay ?

Carpe diem
 - seize the day. 

There I’d be, wrapped in a white feather boa ? nothing else ?   
my husband, stunned, the audience clamoring for more ?

I’m a star, have fame galore, with rich admirers at bay ?

Carpe diem
 - seize the day. 

My bubble burst ? glimpsed me in the mirror. All that’s left
of my sweet revere is a white feather floating in the breeze,

escaped my pillow when I made the bed ? guess a feather’s

as close as I’ll ever be.

Hummmm ? maybe I’ll dye my hair red ?
Carpe diem
 - seize the day.  


This poem first appeared in Lake City Lights.
Used here with the author’s permission.



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Patricia Williams is retired after teaching art and design at the university level for more than 30 years. She now enjoys exploring the world of creative writing, believe that art and poetry are natural partners in the creative examination of life and living. Patricia's poetry has appeared in a variety of journals and anthologies in the U.S. and England. She lives in the countryside with her husband and is a member of the Wisconsin Fellowship of Poets.




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Fun. Love it!!!
Posted 02/20/2016 08:59 AM
Lori Levy:
Love the bubble-bursting stanza after all the build-up in the beginning!
Posted 02/19/2016 04:56 PM
I laughed aloud at the very first line!
Posted 02/19/2016 08:04 AM
Love this! The escaped feather is brilliant:>)
Posted 02/19/2016 05:41 AM
Very unique and creative!
Posted 02/19/2016 05:09 AM
Posted 02/19/2016 03:00 AM

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