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Your Daily Poem is not a nonprofit, nor does it have any sponsors; it's purely a labor of love. And while hosting this site is a lot of fun, it takes hours upon hours of time to research, read, program, schedule,and distribute--plus there are actual hard costs every month. Many have suggested charging a fee for YDP's subscription service, but that feels completely at odds with my work as a poetry missionary. Instead, I've opted to partner with Google and let them place small, relevant, and (hopefully) unobtrusive ads on the pages here. You can also help support Your Daily Poem by purchasing books through the Amazon links provided on the pages of those poets who have published works available, and by purchasing items in the YDP Store. Please note that profits from the sale of framed poems is split 50/50 with the author, so you'll be supporting working poets, as well. (Profit from the sale of works by deceased poets with no designated estate remains with YDP.)

You can also directly help to support Your Daily Poem by making a contribution to the cause. Donations of any amount can be processed quickly and easily through the PayPal link below. It won't be tax deductible, but it will definitely be appreciated. Thank you!

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