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Napping Beneath an Oak
S. Thomas Summers


Above, branches weave like fingers –
hands folded in prayer. My skin has cooled
in this shade. For a moment, I imagine
myself beautiful. This would be the best
time to sleep, become an afternoon’s idol
but two squirrels begin their games,
leaping limb to limb – autumn wood
scrapes like bone. Day ages, shadows stretch
their roots, and the sun dips her eye beneath
the tree’s stark hem – my skin begins
to warm. I’ll not be worshipped again.

© by S. Thomas Summers.
Used with the author's permission.


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S. Thomas Summers is a literature and writing instructor in New Jersey. The author of two chapbooks, he also conducts workshops for both students and teachers, using contemporary poetry as a catalyst to spark interest in unmotivated students. He writes because he believes poetry develops a keener appreciation of breath and, as of today, his lungs are clear and healthy. Learn more about Scott at


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Evocative - rich imagery - satisfying! Thanks, Eric
Posted 11/07/2010 01:20 PM

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