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One Last Look Around
Mike Moutoux

I guess Iíve always been a morning person
The sun ainít rose and Iíll have the coffee brewing
The peace and quiet helps me think, helps me sort
What it is that day I should be doing
But evening is almost just as good to me
Thereís a different kind of quiet when the sun goes down
Itís when I start the last job of my day
Itís time for taking one last look around
I check the sky for telltale clouds and color
For signs of weather coming, those two never lie
I listen for the quail that roost up near the windmill
If I donít hear them call, I wonder why
The later I stay out the more I seem to see
Sometimes the silhouettes of hungry elk or deer
Maybe an owl will appear on dark silent wings
Itís hard to say just what youíll find out here
The horses will be waiting at the gate for me
They like routines that involve a scoop of feed
We stroll together for the barn and separate stalls
Lights out when they have everything they need
Sometimes I can see my wife through an open window
She donít know it, but in the dark I like to spy
My last job of the day is loving that woman
To hold her in my arms and tell her why
We all need to take that evening look around
Take stock of all the things that make our lives worthwhile
I do and I tell you wható I sleep pretty good
And it seems to help me wake up with a smile
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Used here with the authorís permission.

Mike Moutoux (pronounced "moo-toe") is a "cowboy poet" who lives in New Mexico and works on area ranches where most work is done on horseback. He’s been writing and performing this distinctive genre of poetry and music since 2002 and was nominated for the Western Music Association’s "Cowboy Poet of the Year" in 2006. When he’s not riding the range, Mike performs at schools and festivals across the U.S. Read more of his work at

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Lyrical, contemplative, skillfully written!
Posted 07/24/2012 07:41 AM
Yes, cowboy poetry reflects deeply from under the stars. They are allowed a certain aloneness from the western scene. It is beautiful. Sometime we do not have in the payvement of the city. Thank you.
Posted 07/24/2012 05:47 AM

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