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The Potato
Lillian E. Curtis


What on this wide earth,
That is made, or does by nature grow,
Is more homely, yet more beautiful,
Than the useful Potato?

What would this world full of people do,
Rich and poor, high and low,
Were it not for this little-thought-of
But very necessary Potato?

True ’tis homely to look on,
Nothing pretty in even its blow,
But it will bear acquaintance,
This useful Potato.

For when it is cooked and opened,
It’s so white and mellow,
You forget it ever was homely,
This useful Potato.

On the whole it is a very plain plant,
Makes no conspicuous show.
But the internal appearance is lovely,
Of the unostentatious Potato.

The useful and the beautiful
Are not far apart we know.
And thus the beautiful are glad to have,
The homely looking Potato.

On the land, or on the sea,
Wherever we may go,
We are always glad to welcome
The homely Potato.

A practical and moral lesson
This may plainly show,
That though homely, our heart can be
Like that of the homely Potato.

From Forget-Me-Not: Poems (Weed, Parsons & Company, 1872).
This poem is in the public domain.


Lillian E. Curtis (born in the mid 1800s; date of death unknown) was born and raised in Chicago and wrote three collections of poetry, one of which was destroyed in a fire before it could be published. Her work generally leaned toward sentimental or sad topics.


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Not mad on the ubiquitous spud. In India I believe they dyed the mashed potato pink! Ah well....
Posted 08/20/2015 02:10 AM
Sondy Squirrelly:
Posted 08/19/2015 02:58 PM
Gilbert Allen:
If you're looking for more satisfying starch, check out Richard Wilbur's "Potato," which is a fine poem indeed.
Posted 08/19/2015 02:04 PM
Wow! Clumsy language, cheesy moral, yet it captures much about the potato. My cousin-in-law, the very successful potato grower, would appreciate this.
Posted 08/19/2015 10:01 AM

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