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Hearing Perfectly
Charles P. Ries


"You're missing all the high pitched, soft consonant

sounds," the audiologist told me.

"You mean women's voices?"

"Well, yes, I guess you could say that."


Isn't it odd, how men suffer this deafness?


We stare intently with sympathetic smiles watching

their lips shower us in sentences half heard.


I've noticed that missing so much of what she tells me

has deepened my affection for her.


Is this what they mean by making more out of less?


From Girl Friend & Other Mysteries of Love (Propaganda Press, 2013). 
Used with the author's permission.




 Charles P. Ries lives in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. His narrative poems, short stories, interviews, and poetry reviews have appeared in more than 200 print and electronic publications. Charles is the author of a memoir, The Fathers We Find, and six books of poetry. Most recently, he was awarded the Wisconsin Regional Writers Association "Jade Ring" Award for humorous poetry. A founding member of the Lake Shore Surf Club, the oldest freshwater surfing club on the Great Lakes, Charles is the former poetry editor for Word Riot and a former member of the board at the Woodland Pattern Book Center. His work is archived at Marquette University and can be found at Charles is also the lyricist and voice for the art band, Charles P. Ries & The Minktronics; you can listen to them here



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Larry Schug:
Hmmm..and all this time I thought it was ear wax build-up.
Posted 06/12/2024 09:32 AM
Darrell Arnold:
I seem to have the most trouble hearing certain high- pitched words, like "shovel, dig, make, build, move, change, lift, carry, weed, fertilize, trim back, lower, raise, mow, garden, plant, clean, clean out, relocate, haul, dust, sweep, reorganize," etc. Odd!
Posted 06/12/2024 08:23 AM
Hi Charles, I really liked it. It rings true. My husband smiles behind me.
Posted 06/12/2014 08:29 PM
Ha, ha, Charles, I was going to forward this to my husband, but I don't want to encourage him.
Posted 06/12/2014 10:27 AM
Grand! Some years ago my husband discovered he was losing the higher frequencies at the same time I was losing the lower frequencies. Affection, it seems, it mutual!
Posted 06/12/2014 06:10 AM
Ross Kightly:
Deeply, reprehensibly, unacceptably, culpably, distressingly un-PC! And nicely witty, controlled in its ironic tone that enabled the reader to decide which way the spotlight of satirical insight is facing! Keep 'em coming! [It seems, as I get older, BOTH men and women in more-or-less equal numbers seem to have trouble hearing MY words of wisdom!]
Posted 06/11/2014 11:34 PM

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