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Claudia Griffiths


I love the early morning silence.
The sound of my coffee cup set on the stand,
The page turning in my book,
The movement of my fingers and hands,
Even the feel of the age in my bones.
For in this early morning silence,
I have the blessing of simply being,
Together with the stillness,
The profound ringing silence.
Before Dawn lightens the day
And the profound silence
Slips quietly away
Left behind in the business of action.
But, lo, isn't it better just to
Sit with the friendly silence,
And let the day sail away?

© by Claudia Griffiths.
Used here with the author's permission.


Claudia Griffiths spent decades working in the automotive and healthcare sectors, but now devotes her time to poetry, photography, and painting. Her poetry, frequently paired with her photography, often focuses on nature and her family, life, and values. Claudia’s photography has been widely exhibited and can be seen at She lives with her husband in Camden, Maine.



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I will keep this poem on my desktop. It is a beautiful prayer.
Posted 04/02/2024 07:54 PM
Ahhhh!The lovely, flowing descriptions have left me smiling!
Posted 03/30/2024 09:55 PM
Joan Luther:
Let the day sail away.such peaceful imagery
Posted 03/29/2024 09:21 AM
Wilda Morris:
"I have the blessing of simply being" - a wonderful line!
Posted 03/29/2024 09:16 AM
I agree with you that "simply being" with the "ringing silence" is a good way to go. For me, your visual images helped me "hear" the silence and quieted my heart. I can really feel it. Thank you.
Posted 03/29/2024 07:12 AM
Lori Levy:
I can feel the peacefulness in this "early morning silence" portrayed in this poem.
Posted 03/28/2024 11:27 PM
So evocative of the mood and the moment. Well done, early bird!
Posted 03/28/2024 12:04 PM
michael escoubas:
Letting the day "sail away?" Save me a seat!
Posted 03/28/2024 09:48 AM
Ron Stewart:
I too love the early morning stillness. I discovered years ago I can accomplish in a few minutes what would take me hours the night before. Well done Claudia I too feel the age in my bones.
Posted 03/28/2024 09:05 AM
Absolutely love this. Its part of my morning I treasure
Posted 03/28/2024 08:47 AM
Darrell Arnold:
I, too, treasure that first hour of the day, when I and my dogs step out into the pre-dawn darkness, beneath Orion and The Great Bear. But we are not greeted with "ringing silence." We are greeted with coyotes crying on the distant hill, and roosters crowing here and there. It is my favorite time of the day, for sure, savoring the time before mankind becomes active.
Posted 03/28/2024 08:46 AM
I appreciate the feel of the age in my bones. The poem has brought more mindfulness to the other sounds that pervade my morning routine. Thank you, Claudia.
Posted 03/28/2024 08:44 AM
Larry Schug:
Sounds a lot like my mornings (the good ones). I like the "profound ringing silence".
Posted 03/28/2024 08:00 AM

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