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The Pig
Author Unknown


It was an evening in November,
As I very well remember,
I was strolling down the street in drunken pride,
But my knees were all a-flutter,
And I landed in the gutter
And a pig came up and lay down by my side.

Yes, I lay there in the gutter
Thinking thoughts I could not utter,
When a colleen passing by did softly say
‘You can tell a man who boozes
By the company he chooses’—
And the pig got up and slowly walked away.

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Terrifically amusing! The pig has its pride, after all!
Posted 02/21/2023 02:27 PM
So many very sad (albeit very fine) pig poems about their killing - Ted Hughes, Donald Hall, Tim Mayo - yet we also have Piglet, Babe, and Wilbur, literary pigs who make us happy. Why do we torture and slaughter such wonderful creatures just to eat them ????
Posted 02/01/2023 05:40 PM
Ron Stewart:
This is a pub song from a long time ago. I distinctly remember Benny Hill singing it on his program.
Posted 01/30/2023 10:17 PM
Hahahahahaha!! Love it!
Posted 01/30/2023 12:04 PM
The best first sentence I've ever read is E. B. White's beginning of "The Death of a Pig." I spent several days and nights in mid-September with an ailing pig and I feel driven to account for this stretch of time, more particularly since the pig died at last, and I lived, and things might easily have gone the other way round and none left to do the accounting.
Posted 01/30/2023 11:46 AM
Wilda Morris:
Thanks for the laugh!
Posted 01/30/2023 10:43 AM
Tom Sharpe:
I learned a version of this poem over fifty years ago. It is a fun poem. They say pigs are smart, well, smarter than me cause I could never get them to do anything I wanted.
Posted 01/30/2023 10:02 AM
Leslie Hodge:
So funny! Had to say it reminded me of my favorite joke: A man was walking down the street with a pig under his arm. "Where'd you get him?" asked a passerby. The pig answered, "At the fair."
Posted 01/30/2023 09:39 AM
I had to look up colleen, very Irish. And Fun!
Posted 01/30/2023 09:24 AM
Really funny, Jayne . . . I guess we all know now, what we didn't know pigs knew . . . until now.
Posted 01/30/2023 09:20 AM
I laughed out loud.
Posted 01/30/2023 08:20 AM
Darrell Arnold:
Metered poems that rhyme will last forever. I've read this one on occasion for many years. I knew how it would end. I love it. It is fun to read aloud, and it always brings a chuckle.
Posted 01/30/2023 08:18 AM
Larry Schug:
Bless you, Unknown Author, for this gift and bless you Jayne for passing these words along and God bless pigs and drunks, alike.
Posted 01/30/2023 07:32 AM
Totally adorable and right on about drunks. Watch that pig walk away!
Posted 01/30/2023 07:25 AM
Wonderful. Thanks. Brought a smile to my face Randy Mazie
Posted 01/30/2023 05:14 AM
Carol Clearwater:
This takes me back many a year - learnt this one in school as part of a week of 'poems with a lesson'. My goodness, what children get taught. But I suppose there's a nugget of truth in it.
Posted 01/30/2023 05:09 AM

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