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A Silent Passage
Camille A. Balla


I open the blinds
to feathery white
falling slowly, steadily,
like time in motion.

Swings, slide, and benches
have been blanketed to bed;
frothy topping layers the birdbath
like a huge cocktail for two.                                                          

The garden angel stands watch
with softly-tipped wings
and a cape of white ermine draped
above her praying hands.
On her head, she’s sporting a fluffy beret—
tilted a la mode.

Sipping lightness, I watch
as the unseen Artist continues
to dust fine powdery sweetness,
highlighting branches, fences—
the entire landscape—making it
fresh, white, and bright—

And, like the New Year,
ready for footprints.

A variation of this poem appeared in Simple Awakenings (Linebyline Press, 2010).
Revised version used here with permission.

Camille A. Balla lives in suburban Chicago. Many of her poems are inspired from the view outside her window, or from her walks along various trails. The author of Simple Awakenings, a chapbook that spans the seasons of the year, she is a life-long learner who enjoys digital photography, small discussion groups, garden walks, trying out new recipes, collecting quotes, and creating greeting cards for family and friends. Camille's poetry has appeared in a wide variety of publications as well as on gift items and greeting cards.

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Such wonderful descriptions! Thank you, Camille!
Posted 01/13/2024 08:14 PM
Beautiful expression of a gentle sparkling upon lifes canvas.
Posted 01/13/2024 01:14 PM
Camille Prebish:
I love this poem. It displays the beauty of fresh fallen snow covering items in the poets yard and gardens. The reader experiences the quietness, peacefulness of fresh snow amid the winter trees and garden bench,and along with a praying angel witnesses a bit of heaven.
Posted 01/13/2024 01:32 AM
Lori Levy:
Love the softness of these snow images.
Posted 01/12/2024 05:29 PM
Posted 01/12/2024 01:42 PM
Wilda Morris:
A beautiful poem - and so appropriate for today, Camille!
Posted 01/12/2024 12:37 PM
Janice Galt:
Happening now, as I read this beautiful poem in snowy Green Bay, Wisconsin. Time in motion! Thank you!
Posted 01/12/2024 12:35 PM
like time in motion, lovely
Posted 01/12/2024 12:18 PM
Arlene Gay Levine:
Beautiful images, Camille, in every stanza. Love the reference to the "unseen Artist" who decorates our winter world.
Posted 01/12/2024 12:04 PM
Larry Schug:
Let us all tread gently.
Posted 01/12/2024 11:37 AM
Snow is falling here in Pinedale, Wyoming.
Posted 01/12/2024 10:43 AM
michael escoubas:
I especially like the music of long "A" sounds in stanza 3. The whole piece resonates in my ears.
Posted 01/12/2024 10:33 AM
Camille, your poem gives me a good attitude towards winter--so lovely!
Posted 01/12/2024 10:12 AM
Feathery whiteness indeed! Your poem is perfect for today, a winter wonderland. I love Simple Awakenings! Caroline Johnson
Posted 01/12/2024 10:09 AM
Darrell Arnold:
As a Colorado son, I've awakened on many mornings to a brilliant blanket of white, fluffy snow below an equally brilliant blue sky. On one hand, you hate to spoil it, but, on the other, you can hardly wait to get out in it and be the first to make the footprints.
Posted 01/12/2024 08:25 AM
Posted 01/12/2024 05:16 AM

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